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From The Ass of Erin Wallis

Although I appear to be producing low-grade horror comics which are inexplicably treated as high art, I am in fact writing The Right Way. Here are some more of my lofty projects.

Every good horror writer writes disturbing ideas. I wanted to break new ground by writing disturbing pictures: guts, blood, eyes, body parts. Now, that's clever and original. But DK Comics kept asking for things I wasn't comfortable with: more panels and more text. I quit before I could properly develop this book; in fact, before I could develop most of my plots. But I do like Tim Bradstreet's cover - sorry, covers - for my run on Dullblazer. They're a radical departure from all of his other pictures of seedy loners leaning against walls, because the seedy loners aren't vampires.


My flagship book with all my signature riffs. Unsympathetic characters, lots of big pictures, not many words (and half of those are profane interjections), pedal-to-the-metal hype, and the feeling the script isn't quite finished.

Cockroach Mecca: another Serious Writer.


Although I have achieved a lot in my time as - I mean, in - the industry, there are still a few things I'd like to do. These include-

to be the first writer to use the word "cunt" in a mainstream comic.
2. to be the first writer to use the word "cunt" on every page of a mainstream comic.
3. to use less than one panel per page. I know it's possible. I just know it.
4. to act as a mentor to other writers, such as Neil Gaiman or Alan Moore or Peter David.

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